Custom couture process



Consultation is usually the first and important step in the custom made dress process.

Please note that you do not have to book for consultation if you want to purchase any of our pre-existing designs on our website or Instagram page.

All you have to do is place the order in your preferred size based on our generic size chart via the website. click here to see size chart.

Or send us an email or WhatsApp message with picture(s) of our pre-existing design you want and your size.

Also note that if you want to alternate any detail on our pre-existing designs you will need to book for consultation.

We are excited to work with you to customize your dream dress for that special occasion.

As stated above Consultation is an important step in the custom made dress process when the we meet with the prospective client to discuss peculiar details of your order.

Like purpose for your order and your style idea.

Our consultations normally lasts for 1hour.

We can’t wait to meet you through your preferred channel, please click here to see possible consultation channels and fees.

We usually implore our prospective custom client to share your style ideas and inspirations in form of pictures prior to the consultation appointment date in other to give us a vision of your personal style, aesthetics and what look you seek to achieve. It’s important to state that we do not duplicate other designers work. We only use the styles you share for reference purposes.

Once we have a good idea of the look and feel you are interested in, we will of course offer our opinion and expert recommendations on the right silhouette, fabric selections, color choices…etc.

Custom dress illustration (sketch) service is provided upon client’s request for an additional fee.

Prospective clients that do not request a sketch or illustration of designs will advance to measurement stage. You will get a quote for your order, quotes are valid subject to deadline which will be stated on it.

PLEASE NOTE: We start processing orders as soon as they’re placed and will be unable to refund, change or cancel orders once confirmed. Any concerns regarding your order should be submitted to before placing your order.

Any changes in agreed design, or details of design after production has commenced will attract a minimum of 50% of the initial production cost.


For clients able to come to our Madrid  studio, during consultation measurements will be taken in details by Us.

For clients unable to come to our location, we will send you our detailed custom measurements template to fill.

Or book a virtual appointment (for free) with you where your measurements will be taken in detail via a video call with explicit direction from the designer or a representative.


Couture production process takes minimum of 12 weeks.

For wedding dresses we recommend you start 4 to 9 months before your wedding date.

Although we able to work with much shorter deadlines for an additional fee, dependent on our production schedule at that moment.

Please share your date with us and we will let you know if it’s possible to fast track your order.


For clients that we are already working with, follow up consultation(s) is free although you still have to book an appointment especially if you want to visit our studio.



  • For clients able to come to our location, once your dress is ready for your first fitting, you will be contacted to schedule your fitting appointment.

Should your dress need alterations, please allow up to three weeks for a second fitting to be scheduled.

Once your dress is ready you will be contacted for Pick-up or delivery.

  • For clients unable to come to our location we will schedule an appointment to show you your dress on live video call and confirm all details and measurements before delivering/shipping. We also recommend our international clients to make arrangements with someone that can make minor alterations in your location. Alterations like hemline finishing and in some cases if weight loss occurs you may want the dress a bit tighter. Please note that we will make your dress with the exact measurements you delivered.

Before securing an appointment we urge you to read through this page, our terms of service here and FAQs here.

If you agree to our terms of service please click here to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to working with you on your dream dress.


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