The designer

Chioma F. Ude a Nigerian born, Spain based fashion designer, the founder and Creative director of Styleville by Oma.

My flair for art, clothes and fashion started at a really early age even though I had no idea how things worked at that young age.

My mum was a dressmaker so I practically grew up to the sound of old butterfly sewing machine, seeing my mum making dresses and attending to her clients. As a kid I creatively played a lot with fabrics, made miniature doll dresses with hand needle and pieces of fabrics I found laying around in my mum’s work space.

During my early teenage days my mum recognized my creative aptitude, she tried to make me learn dressmaking professionally but as a child I told my mum that my dream was to become a lawyer not a dressmaker but life had other plans, although I continued helping my mum most times, trimming out lace patterns, hand beading…etc. Because the process of creativity just attracts me naturally.

Fast forward to my early undergraduate days while studying Mass communication in the university, I became particularly interested in making my own outfits and creating my fashion brand. So I decided to gain more professional knowledge in dressmaking and fashion business. It was so gratifying to design dresses and execute the designs in my own way.

In 2014 I was convinced that fashion designing is the career path I want to take so I launched my brand “Styleville by Oma” and set up my first studio, making dresses part-time while studying for my university degree.

2017 after securing B.Sc. in mass communication, I became a full time fashion designer, since then I just allowed my passion for this art lead, continuously developing my skills as the fashion industry evolves.

Together with my small but dynamic team, Styleville by Oma have created numerous designs, clothed and satisfied so many women all over the world.

For me being fashion designer is more than just a career, it’s my passion, I enjoy every bit of the creative process, the ability to create a vision with my own hands and see it coming to life is so fascinating. It feels so empowering designing for diverse women from different parts of the world, while carrying them through the creative process which allows them to express their unique individuality.

I put my heart into this art.